Following our style which has matured through years of care and passion for wedding photography, we shall realize a reportage of your wedding that will give life to the authentic emotions felt by the couple and the people close to them in this unique and unforgettable day.

We will follow you during all the moments of the event and visually tell the story, from the preparations to the ending of the reception. In keeping a balance between the formality of the rite and joyousness of the event, our shoots will always be careful and discrete, but nevertheless people will still be invited to take part in individual and group pictures that will add on to your story.

Combining professional care and the creativity that characterizes our style we will avoid obvious poses and try to capture and portray the gestures, details and the most spontaneous emotions of each moment. We know that only images of authenticity and naturalness hold the capacity to retain the feel of the moment over time.

We have recently added video footage to the photos, convinced that a broader and more complete coverage shall give the best representation of all the episodes, moments and nuances of an event of such intensity. The shooting and editing of the video is managed by Alessandro. An expert in photographic reportage travel, portraits and videos, he combines his passions with a technical background and refined taste, thus capturing the emotions of each individual moment.
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