We have been committing ourselves to wedding photography with passion and care for years. We discreetly and spontaneously describe the most important day for the bride and groom. Our goal is to capture all the little details, the feelings, the emotions of the day. From morning to night, we tell special moments, such as the preparation of the spouses, both at his or her home, the arrival at the church and the function, location and photos an the party. These are the features of our photographic services, which are always carried out ​​by two professional photographers.

The pre-wedding photos are taken during a short shoot realized with the bride and groom a few of weeks before their big day. It's an effective and fun way to get to know us a little better, do a kind of rehearsal and to overcome the inhibitions that sometimes the bride and groom have towards the camera lens. A mini photo book which will be delivered to the couple on the wedding day will then be made up with the pre-matrimonial photos, so that all the guests can see it.

We go to the groom's house for some backstage photos of the preparations, and we close with a photo whit his parents and relatives. At bride's house we follow all the stages of makeup, dressing, then we finish the preparation shooting with more pictures with her parents and relatives.

The Ceremony
The ceremony is the most important and delicate moment. It is the time when different moods emerge . During these unique moments, we try to linger on the look of people perhaps moved to tears, smiles, gestures or symbols, displaying intense feeling.

Outdoor photos
The outdoor photos are probably the only time when the bride and groom let themselves be photographed more carefully and in detail. At the end of the ceremony, the tension of the day eases and the classic hitching a ride becomes a chance to portray the couple in more spontaneous attitudes. The classic poses are alternated with moments of dynamism, which is why the service is never weighed down by long waits for the "preparation" of the shot.

Wedding party
We follow all the stages of the weddingparty, trying to capture the relentless enthusiasm of friends, partying, dancing, up to the great ending with the wedding cake.

Wedding album
The wedding album is designed as a publishing service that tells the story of your wedding, that of an unforgettable day. The preparations, the church, the feast, the joy of a new life unfolding. With the wedding album we want to represent the exact chronological sequence of those moments to hold the memory of the true emotions felt that day.
We propose two main types of mounting: the classic album and photo book together with another photo book for parents.

Classic album
The photos are mounted on an album crafted with tissue papers in the standard format of 35x35 cm.
There will be 85 to 90 pictures in the album, and they shall come in different sizes, up to a maximum of 32x32 cm. When producing the picture album we will show some photos in black and white printed personally in our study.,The album can be customized on request.

Photo book
The modern techniques of digital photo printing matched with the skillful craft of bookbinding, to offer a real photo book which will tell the story of the most important day of your life! The pages of the book are built using photographs of various sizes, with elaborate graphic solutions and special effects. The photo book includes about a hundred photos that are arranged on 40 pages usually 30x30 cm, 60x30 when the book is opened. Given the workmanship, the size of the photo book can be customized. To see an example of the composition of the pages of a photo book you can consult this section by clickinghere.

Photo-book for the parents
Two mini photo books size 20x20 with the same number of pages and number of photographs of the big photo-book shall be printed.
In the album section of our website it is possible to publish photos of the wedding to share with family and friends. By entering the names of the couple and password provided you can access a photo gallery with the utmost confidentiality.

Trash the dress
The "Trash the Dress" is a kind of service which has spread from the United States, and is the realization of very spectacular photos, extremely particular and of great impact, in unusual locations for wedding photos, regardless of what may become of wedding dress or the groom's suit. The photos are generally taken on the days after the wedding, for obvious practical reasons, and in places chosen together with the bride and groom. This kind of service is not suitable for all married couples, but only for those who want to break with tradition and create something original and authentically linked to the portraits of the subjects./span>

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Feel free to ask for an estimate, for the realization of the photo shoot of your wedding. Specify your needs, even in a very approximate way, and we will contact you as soon as possible without any obligation.

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